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President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian rebels take cover behind a barricade in Aleppo

Syria: who are the rebel groups fighting against Assad?

Thu 14 Aug, AT 13:24

Islamic State militants and Assad's forces encircle Aleppo in what could be tipping point of civil war

Rebel fighters in Syria

Police urge Muslim women to stop men going to Syria

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Thu 24 Apr, AT 09:51

Counter-terrorism chiefs ask Muslim women for help in stemming flow of UK fighters

Britain takes step towards arming Syrian rebels

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Thu 8 Nov, AT 10:51

Cameron wants to push the limits of EU embargo and persuade Obama to raise the heat on Assad


Aleppo blast: regime and rebels ratchet up the information war

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Mon 10 Sep, AT 17:32

Free Syrian Army claim responsibility for bomb attack that targeted regime soldiers stationed in hospital

Bashar al-Assad

President Assad has agreed to go, says Russian diplomat

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 14:58

Ambassador to France says Syrian leader has 'accepted' he must leave, but regime calls report 'baseless'

General's defection hints at Syrian regime turmoil

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Fri 6 Jul, AT 11:45

Assad is further rocked as top general and troops swap sides to the Free Syria Army

Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of supplying attack helicopters to Syria

Russia 'supplying helicopters' to Syria, UN man declares civil war

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Wed 13 Jun, AT 09:42

Clinton accuses Moscow of feeding Syrian conflict as UN peacekeeping chief calls unrest 'civil war'

Bashar al-Assad

Children among 78 feared dead in fresh Syrian 'massacre'

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Thu 7 Jun, AT 09:10

Pressure mounts on President Assad as pro-government shabiha militia accused of second massacre in two weeks

Syria: Damascus suicide car bombs kill at least 55

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Thu 10 May, AT 14:10

Two rush-hour blasts kill dozens and injure over 372 near Syrian intelligence headquarters

Abdo Hussameddin

What Abdo Hussameddin has risked by standing up to Assad

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Thu 8 Mar, AT 07:48

Syrian minister quits to join the rebels, risking the 'liquidation' of his family by Assad's forces