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President Obama

Vladimir Putin

Putin warns US that Syria strike would be 'aggression'

Wed 4 Sep, AT 09:38

Russian president tells Obama he needs UN approval for attack as White House secures bipartisan support


Syria crisis: Downing St tries to get back on side with US

Tue 3 Sep, AT 11:27
The Mole

We still back you, says message from Number 10 as American plans more punitive strikes on Syria

Ed Miliband

Syria: Ed Miliband can halt Cameron's attack 'stampede'

Wed 28 Aug, AT 11:58
The Mole

Tentative Labour leader wants a 'UN moment' before any military move but is highly unlikely to get it

Bradley Manning faces life in jail: an ugly moment in US history

Wed 31 Jul, AT 07:54
Charles Laurence

There is relief that he was not found guilty of aiding the enemy but he's still paying too high a price for whistleblowing

Charles Laurence

Whistleblower Snowden in a fix: but so is this ruthless President

Mon 10 Jun, AT 07:48
Charles Laurence

If Obama fails to hunt him down, it will look as if Snowden was justified in blowing the whistle on his administration

AP Twitter hack by Syrian group causes £90bn US market slump

First Reaction
Wed 24 Apr, AT 11:38

'Flash crash' caused by report that Obama injured in White House explosion

Paul Curtis cleared of sending deadly ricin letter to Obama

One-Minute Read
Wed 24 Apr, AT 10:39

Elvis impersonator claims he was 'framed' over poisoned letter plot by 'personal enemy'

Senate shoots down gun control plan: five key issues

Thu 18 Apr, AT 11:58

Does US senate's rejection of tighter gun laws mean memory of Sandy Hook massacre is fading?

Boston: whoever did it knows how Taliban make their bombs

First Post
Wed 17 Apr, AT 07:24

It doesn't necessarily mean the FBI are hunting a foreigner - signs still point to 'domestic terrorism'