Who's who in the top-brass sex scandal gripping America

Briefing Wed 14 Nov, AT 16:18

A writer, a socialite and thousands of emails have unseated a CIA director and now threaten an army general

Nate Silver calls it for Obama: is it another Dewey moment?

First Post Tue 6 Nov, AT 09:07

The New York Times psephologist has forecast an easy victory for incumbent Barack Obama

Malala Yousafzai sits up in her hospital bed

Islamist leader lends voice to Malala conspiracy theories

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Nov, AT 15:34

Leader of Pakistan's largest religious party claims Malala Yousafzai was not injured in Taliban attack

Momentum returns to Obama: is it all over bar the insults?

Mon 5 Nov, AT 09:37 Charles Laurence

Analysis of the all-important Electoral College votes points to President Obama winning tomorrow

US wants new Syrian opposition to replace SNC

First Reaction Thu 1 Nov, AT 15:19

Syrian National Council is a joke among ordinary Syrians, so US is hoping to found a more effective opposition

Gillard's 'misogyny' rant wins praise, but is she a hypocrite?

Talking Point Wed 10 Oct, AT 13:48

International media laud Australian PM, but at home they're questioning her motivation