Kabul attack

West's Afghan policy in crisis after wave of Taliban attacks

First Reaction Sun 15 Apr, AT 16:53

Transition strategy branded 'ridiculous' by local politician after co-ordinated insurgent strikes

Rick Santorum quits Republican presidential candidate race

Santorum quits – but damage to Republicans is already done

Wed 11 Apr, AT 07:36 Charles Laurence

The contest is now certain to be Romney v Obama and latest poll gives the President a 51 to 44 lead

Alexander Cockburn

Romney beats off all challengers - at a terrible cost to his beliefs

Wed 4 Apr, AT 08:39 Alexander Cockburn

One-time liberal now sports all his fellow Republicans' most unalluring features. The Obama camp is not unhappy

Afghan civilians - victims of massacre

US gives $47,000 to families of Afghan massacre victims

One-Minute Read Mon 26 Mar, AT 11:11

The Pentagon has made unusually large payments to the families of civilians allegedly murdered by a US soldier

Jessica Buchanan rescue

Secret of the US Seals' success: hot and isolated Camp Lemonier

Summary Thu 26 Jan, AT 08:48

A new strategy of small, cost-effective military outposts made Jessica Buchanan's rescue feasible

Barack Obama

Polls indicate Obama will be a one-term president

News Wed 7 Sep, AT 10:17

Can President Obama’s make-or-break speech on job creation turn the tide in time?