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Will hottest year ever force US to confront climate change?

Talking Point
Wed 9 Jan, AT 11:44

Scientists hope 2012's record-breaking heat will drive climate change onto the political agenda

Sandy bounce? Obama boosted by poll and Gov Chris Christie

Talking Point
Thu 1 Nov, AT 09:58

Republican New Jersey Governor goes from harsh critic of president to biggest fan in 10 days

Obama laughs off Trump video 'bombshell' with Kenya joke

One-Minute Read
Thu 25 Oct, AT 10:01

Businessman's 'October surprise' is anything but, as President strikes back on Jay Leno


Stop these 'whoreson zeds' from spoiling our proud history of insults

Opinion digest
Fri 19 Oct, AT 14:20

Opinion digest: legally enforced niceness and Mitt Romney's assets