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Press Freedom

Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cover is 'an act of war'

First Reaction
Wed 14 Jan, AT 11:06

Anjem Choudary hits out at cartoon, but others describe it as 'gentle' by Charlie Hebdo standards

Egypt: journalists in court on 'absurd' terrorism charges

One-Minute Read
Thu 20 Feb, AT 14:08

Al Jazeera accused of being a 'mouthpiece of Islamists' as terrorism trial gets underway


Does Liam Gallagher have no right to go shopping in peace?

Wed 20 Mar, AT 07:00
Nigel Horne

Ex-Oasis man and Nicole Appleton pop out to the shops. Do we really need to know that, asks Nigel Horne

Will David Cameron refuse to toe Lord Leveson's line?

First Post
Sun 25 Nov, AT 09:09

The PM must decide this week how to regulate newspapers when media ethics inquiry reports findings

Austin Tice video

Video shows US journo in hands of Syrian rebels – but is it fake?

Talking Point
Tue 2 Oct, AT 13:04

Experts cast doubt on the origins of footage appearing to show missing Austin Tice in custody of jihadist Syrian militants

President Morsi promises to stop detaining journalists

First Reaction
Fri 24 Aug, AT 15:44

After rising concern about press freedom in Egypt, Morsi steps in – but is it a cynical gesture?

Ivan Lewis

Ivan Lewis’s journalism register ‘totalitarian’

Tue 27 Sep, AT 16:08

Talking Point: the only code of conduct UK journalists need is ‘don’t break the law’

Twitter, justice, High Court

Injunctions break every rule of good law-making

Wed 25 May, AT 10:11
Richard Ehrman

Judges have created unworkable privacy law - Cameron has reason to be cross