Preston Crown Court

Stuart Hall: new probe after claim he raped girl aged 12

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Mon 15 Jul, AT 11:20

Police investigating fresh allegations against jailed TV presenter whose 15-month sentence will be reviewed

Stuart Hall's 'unduly lenient' sentence to be reconsidered

Talking Point
Tue 18 Jun, AT 11:35

Attorney General steps in after 15-month sentence for 14 sex assaults prompts chorus of outrage

Outrage over criminals' claims for whiplash and 'hurt feelings'

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Fri 14 Jun, AT 09:32

MPs disgusted after defendants in Dale Cregan trial seek payout for motorway shunt on way to court

Dale Cregan admits killing PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes

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Tue 12 Feb, AT 16:43

One-eyed killer on trial for gun-and-grenade murder of police dramatically changes plea