Prince Charles

Prince Charles shakes Gerry Adams' hand
20 May, 2015

Prince of Wales and Sinn Fein leader express regret for the past and talk of need to move forward

Prince Charles
13 May, 2015

Sources insist the letters sent to government ministers 'are much more boring than people think they are'

prince charles
03 Feb, 2015

Charles: The Heart of a King reveals new details of his relationships with Jimmy Savile and Princess Diana

Prince Charles
30 Jun, 2014

Constitutional reformers up in arms at news the future monarch tried to exert influence on policy

Allied paratroopers during WWII
06 Jun, 2014

Jock Hutton arrived in Normandy for the D-Day commemorations as he did in 1944 – by parachute

Crispin Black
23 May, 2014

Introduction of brutal Sharia law means it’s time to get out - even if Sultan is buddies with Prince Charles

Prince Charles during his four day visit to Canada
21 May, 2014

Prince of Wales tells Polish war refugee about his thoughts on Russia's intervention in Ukraine

The Queen and Prince Charles
25 Feb, 2014

Buckingham Palace described as 'the biggest council house in Britain' as royal estates cash in

Prince Charles
21 Jan, 2014

Constitutional experts say royal take-over could pave the way for a more opinionated monarchy

Prince Charles
14 Nov, 2013

After a six-decade wait, there is no immediate prospect of promotion for the Prince of Wales