Toyota Prius

Toyota recalls 2.7 million cars, but will its reputation suffer?

First Reaction
Wed 14 Nov, AT 11:40

Latest announcement means Toyota has recalled more than 10 million cars this year

Toyota Prius

‘Runaway Prius’ could put Toyota back on track

Mon 15 Mar, AT 07:17

If driver’s account of his unstoppable Prius proves bogus, it could help troubled Toyota

Toyota Prius cars are hauled away

Toyota: Insurer warned of sticky pedals in 2007

Tue 9 Feb, AT 12:03

As the Japanese car giant recalls 400,000 cars it emerges one US insurer warned they were unsafe back in 2007

Toyota Prius

Toyota nightmare: now the Prius is under scrutiny

Thu 4 Feb, AT 08:15

But do Toyota’s troubles suit US government now it owns GM and Chrsysler?