23 May, 2013

Actress Naomie Harris among those tweeting photos of herself with wily impersonator from Cote d'Azur

12 Apr, 2013

As Korean rapper debuts his hotly-anticipated new song, comment focuses on his 'use' of the f-word

05 Apr, 2013

From the Spice Girls to Rebecca Black - an up-and-down history of the dreaded second single

22 Jan, 2013

There's speculation the US singer is here to try to 'reunite' with the One Direction star

12 Dec, 2012

'Let the lady dance around you' says cardiologist after father-of-three collapse and dies

24 Oct, 2012

Rapper Psy hasn't topped the charts in Japan due to 'dispute over contested islands', claim South Koreans

16 Oct, 2012

Ohio marching band impresses South Korean star with carefully choreographed halftime routine

12 Oct, 2012

Formula 1 will be the latest sport to embrace Gangnam Style in South Korea this weekend