A young boy asleep in his father's lap

How electric currents can help sleepers control their dreams

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Mon 12 May, AT 12:03

New technique could be used to help people with PTSD who have recurring nightmares, say scientists

Crispin Black

Britain must do more to prevent these soldiers' suicides

Wed 17 Jul, AT 10:23
Crispin Black

And the media do not help by suggesting modern war is hellish... Hell is Passchendaele or the River Kwai

Chris Kyle, America's deadliest military sniper, shot dead

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Mon 4 Feb, AT 10:04

Speculation the Navy Seal sniper was killed at Texas rifle range by former Marine with PTSD

Oregon farmer 'was eaten by his own pigs'

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Tue 2 Oct, AT 12:46

Dentures and body parts of Terry Vance Garner were discovered by a relative in his farm's pigsty