North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
02 Sep, 2014

Pyongyang calls the fictional thriller a 'politically motivated provocation' backed by Downing Street

06 Dec, 2013

Regime's leader is 'removing' Pyongyang's 'old guard' but high-profile defector may spill his secrets

06 Jun, 2013

Just weeks after Pyongyang's threat of pre-emptive nuclear strike on US, regime proposes closer ties

16 May, 2013

Reports North Korean leader had a baby girl two years before his wife, Ri Sol-ju, was visited by stork

02 May, 2013

Kenneth Bae may be 'bargaining chip' in regime's attempts to get concessions from the White House

Westminster Houses of Parliament big ben
29 Apr, 2013

Adventure park part of plans to transform secretive state's capital into 'socialist fairyland'

16 Apr, 2013

Students who provided cover for BBC crew threatened, but critics say film failed to provide any fresh insights

12 Apr, 2013

Top US officials downplay Pentagon report that says Pyongyang has advanced its nuclear programme

Kim Jong Un nuclear threats
10 Apr, 2013

North Korean defector reveals factions within army fought over leadership succession

Kim Jong Un nuclear threats
09 Apr, 2013

Pyongyang issues another threat as Kim Jong-un outed as former cast member of the musical Grease