05 Apr, 2013

Foreign Office says invitation is 'rhetoric' but considers revising travel advice in the region

05 Apr, 2013

Ban Ki-moon condemns Pyongyang's threats, but will they allow US to forge closer links with China?

03 Apr, 2013

A day after reopening its nuclear reactor, Pyongyang bars South Korean workers from Kaesong complex

Alejandro Cao de Benos North Korea envoy in Europe
28 Mar, 2013

A jolly, stout, aristocratic Spaniard is sticking up for Kim Jong-un's regime in the West

08 Mar, 2013

Experts say Pyongyang knows nuclear strike on US would be 'suicidal' and technically 'impracticable'

12 Feb, 2013

As UN Security Council prepares for emergency meeting, the big question is whether China will lose its patience

North Korea satellite launch
24 Jan, 2013

Rogue state enters a 'new phase of confrontation' as it promises third nuclear test and rocket launches

12 Dec, 2012

Long-range missile puts satellite into orbit, but tests could be part of nuclear programme

25 Oct, 2012

Satellite images show that Pyongyang's largest labour camp has not been abandoned after all

Kim Jong-un
10 Sep, 2012

Rotund supreme leader offers 'expert guidance' but critics say he should be helping malnourished North Koreans