The Queen

The Queen at a garden party in Balmoral, Scotland
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24 Jun, 2015

Holyrood will keep money for itself rather than pay it to Treasury, claims Buckingham Palace source

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04 Jun, 2015

BBC journalist mistakenly 'killed off' the Queen with tweet. Here's what plans are in place for when the day comes

06 May, 2015

'Icily regal' Scott Thomas replaces Helen Mirren as the Queen, while Miliband waits in the wings

Mario Balotelli, The Queen
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20 Jun, 2014

World Cup whispers: Italian striker's Twitter request, as Big Phil lookalike fools reporter

Allied paratroopers during WWII
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06 Jun, 2014

Jock Hutton arrived in Normandy for the D-Day commemorations as he did in 1944 – by parachute

The Queen and Prince Charles
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25 Feb, 2014

Buckingham Palace described as 'the biggest council house in Britain' as royal estates cash in

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28 Jan, 2014

Buckingham Palace should be open to the public for longer and 'rented out' to fund repairs

Prince Charles
21 Jan, 2014

Constitutional experts say royal take-over could pave the way for a more opinionated monarchy

Prince Charles
14 Nov, 2013

After a six-decade wait, there is no immediate prospect of promotion for the Prince of Wales

In Depth
01 Nov, 2013

The Palace insists she doesn't mind, but putting a mitt on the monarch still outrages the tabloids