07 Aug, 2012

Comedian who created Borat is set to make Bond spoof, but he has some stiff competition

25 Jul, 2012

The calls for Osborne's head would be deafening if MPs weren't on holiday. But how long can this go on?

2012 Olympics torch
16 Jul, 2012

Olympic gossip: Travel chaos as athletes arrive, stripping lollipop ladies for ceremony

Spice Girls
27 Jun, 2012

Plans for a theatre adaptation of the famous five's songs and career follow in footsteps of Mamma Mia!

18 Jun, 2012

Opinion digest: David Cameron and Tory re-branding, a tip for England at Euro 2012 and Europe's impending dark age

05 Jun, 2012

US comedian finds something to laugh at as Piers Morgan gets excited over a boat turning