Question Time

Joey Barton of Queens Park Rangers
30 May, 2014

QPR footballer Joey Barton apologises on Twitter for describing Ukip as the best of 'four really ugly girls'

David Dimbleby
12 Nov, 2013

Broadcaster says his wife was 'mildly amused' but insists he won't be having 'private parts decorated'

Mary Beard
24 Jan, 2013

Mary Beard scandal suggests Britain’s attitude to successful women is ‘broken’

Mary Beard
22 Jan, 2013

Cambridge academic's face superimposed onto a vagina as part of abuse 'designed to silence women'

16 Nov, 2012

Can people power force multinationals to start paying reasonable taxes? And who will a boycott really hurt?

12 Nov, 2012

I'm the man for the job, says Question Time host – but many would like to see an outsider brought in

John Lydon and Louise Mensch on BBC Question Time
06 Jul, 2012

Sex Pistols frontman's persistent interruptions and bizarre contributions likened to a 'ranting drunk'

George Galloway on Question Time with Baroness Warsi
20 Apr, 2012

Anti-establishment Scot turns royalist for a moment during Question Time

Priti Patel on Question Time
23 Sep, 2011

Tory star slated on Twitter after saying it’s a deterrent even if innocent people get executed

Hugh Grant Question Time
08 Jul, 2011

Actor Hugh Grant proves a huge hit for ‘speaking fearlessly and plainly’