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The Help

The Help: an Oscar surprise or a Hollywood embarrassment?

Fri 24 Feb, AT 07:43
Charles Laurence

70 years after Gone With The Wind, playing a maid still gives a black actress the best chance of an Oscar

Stephen Lawrence

Lawrence 'lynching' verdict brings justice, but far too late

Talking Point
Wed 4 Jan, AT 11:52

If there is something positive to come out of the Lawrence case, it is what it taught Britain about race

Jacinta Lal

‘Too white’ Indian beauty queen stokes NZ race row

Wed 13 Oct, AT 16:42

Blonde winner of Miss IndiaNZ heat is booed for ‘not being Indian enough’

Rod Liddle's Spectator column

Rod Liddle blog first to be rapped by press watchdog

Tue 30 Mar, AT 12:00

Spectator post wrongly claimed young blacks are responsible for majority of London crime

Dutch politician Geert Wilders

The anti-immigration pol who wants to lead Dutch

Tue 23 Feb, AT 07:19

Geert Wilders faces trial for inciting hatred against Muslims and ethnic minorities