Labour MP Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott 'white people' tweet causes Twitter race row

Media Watch Thu 5 Jan, AT 12:41

Labour MP under fire from Nick Clegg and others over 'divide and rule' comment

'Ghetto ass' and the N-word: mag in trouble over Rihanna

First Post Tue 20 Dec, AT 07:54

After meeting a ranting racist at her Lisbon hotel, Rihanna has a Dutch fashion mag to deal with

Pressure to drop caddie after race slur against Tiger Woods

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Hard-ass New Zealander Steve Williams should be banned from golf, say commentators

Etoo Racism Zaragoza

Evra v Suarez is only the latest football race row

Deja Vu Tue 18 Oct, AT 14:19

Despite efforts to stamp out racism the sport still has a problem with prejudice and extreme politics

David Starkey historian

Historians join attack on Starkey’s riot race claims

News Fri 26 Aug, AT 16:59

Academics say his analysis of the UK riots would ‘disgrace a first-year history undergraduate’