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David Cameron with Angela Merkel in Germany

Muslim leaders hit back at Cameron on extremism

Sat 5 Feb, AT 09:48

What they are saying about Cameron's big speech on the failures of British multi-culturalism

cctv asian police

Police fear racism label over Asian rape gangs

Wed 12 Jan, AT 14:56

Former police chief says problem of Asians grooming underage girls has been known for decades

Winona Ryder

Mel Gibson called me an ‘oven dodger’, says Winona

Fri 17 Dec, AT 16:21

Jewish actress considered him a racist homophobe as long ago as the 1990s

Anti-racism protestors outside a Guerlain shop in Paris

Perfumier’s use of n-word creates a stink in Paris

Sun 24 Oct, AT 12:56

Jean-Paul Guerlain says he didn’t mean to offend – but the Rev Al Sharpton is on his way to France

English Defence League

Anti-Islam extremists EDL spread their tentacles

Tue 19 Oct, AT 08:38

Right-wing EDL embarrasses British Jewish leaders - and seeks to make friends with the Tea Party