Radio 4

Richard Bacon
27 Mar, 2012

Richard Bacon accused of 'pandering to smug metropolitan elite' - but Delingpole takes his side

Cardinal Keith O'Brien
05 Mar, 2012

Rabbi's Thought of the Day quip counters Cardinal O'Brien's 'bigoted' views on same-sex marriage

25 Jan, 2012

Too few women on Today programme – and too many naked women in the ‘relentlessy sexist’ papers

25 Nov, 2011

Awful house building figures sidelined in row over whether minister was booked for an interview

John Humphrys
27 Oct, 2011

BBC makes mountain of falling Radio 4 audience - but the real problem is at Radio 3

Graham Linehan
08 Jun, 2011

Critics support writer Graham Linehan’s attack on Radio 4 show for ‘poisoning’ national discourse

01 Feb, 2011

What is with the C-word at the Beeb? After Naughtie, Paxman’s at it

Justin Webb
18 Jan, 2011

Radio 4 Today programme presenter announces his father was well-known Sixties newsreader

Jeremy Hunt
06 Dec, 2010

Host James Naughtie introduced culture secretary in extremely unflattering terms

Tony Adams
11 Dec, 2009

Radio Four show's other Christmas editors will be David Hockney, PD James, Robert Wyatt, Shirley Williams and Martin Rees