Radio 4

Richard Bacon

Attack on The Archers leads to debate over multiculturalism

Media Watch
Tue 27 Mar, AT 16:05

Richard Bacon accused of 'pandering to smug metropolitan elite' - but Delingpole takes his side

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

A gay rabbi and a cardinal walk into a Radio 4 studio…

One-Minute Read
Mon 5 Mar, AT 11:56

Rabbi's Thought of the Day quip counters Cardinal O'Brien's 'bigoted' views on same-sex marriage

Radio 4 Today prog and tabloids in deep water over sexism

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Jan, AT 13:06

Too few women on Today programme – and too many naked women in the ‘relentlessy sexist’ papers

Humphrys and Shapps argue over alleged interview dodge

One-Minute Read
Fri 25 Nov, AT 12:22

Awful house building figures sidelined in row over whether minister was booked for an interview

John Humphrys

Radio 4 loses listeners, but is Radio 3 losing the plot?

Media Watch
Thu 27 Oct, AT 10:24

BBC makes mountain of falling Radio 4 audience - but the real problem is at Radio 3

Graham Linehan

BBC Today programme is a ‘fight club’, says Linehan

First Post
Wed 8 Jun, AT 11:52

Critics support writer Graham Linehan’s attack on Radio 4 show for ‘poisoning’ national discourse

Jeremy Paxman drops a clanger at the BBC

Tue 1 Feb, AT 09:47

What is with the C-word at the Beeb? After Naughtie, Paxman’s at it

Justin Webb

Justin Webb reveals secret father - Peter Woods

Tue 18 Jan, AT 10:35

Radio 4 Today programme presenter announces his father was well-known Sixties newsreader