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Sussex Police defend 'victim-blaming' anti-rape poster

First Reaction
Wed 8 Apr, AT 15:04

Charities criticise poster campaign, saying it reinforces message that women are to blame for sexual assault

Rape and consent: will new guidelines make a difference?

Thu 29 Jan, AT 15:47

CPS advice to police aims to challenge rape myths and stereotypes, but it won't change the law

British soldier charged with rape of six-year-old girl

One-Minute Read
Wed 21 Jan, AT 16:11

Soldier on training exercise was allegedly found in girl's bedroom by her father

Anonymous man

Rape and anonymity: should suspects be named?

Talking Point
Tue 6 Jan, AT 15:33

MP joins calls to extend anonymity to rape suspects, but campaigners say it will put women in danger

Ched Evans rapist

Ched Evans: Oldham sponsors disagree over deal for rapist

First Reaction
Mon 5 Jan, AT 14:35

League One club split over whether it should employ player who still denies he is guilty of rape

Ched Evans rapist

Rapist Ched Evans returns to training: is frenzy 'disgraceful'?

First Reaction
Tue 11 Nov, AT 13:56

Outrage over Sheffield United's decision to allow convicted rapist to train with team

Vigilantes cut off alleged rapist's penis

One-Minute Read
Fri 10 Oct, AT 14:14

The act was intended to 'send a strong message', but Indian police warn against mob justice

Good2Go: 'sexual consent' app stirs controversy

First Reaction
Wed 1 Oct, AT 15:31

It's designed to prevent sexual assault and 'regretted activities' – but activists say Good2Go is misguided

A police barrier

Gangs using rape as weapon for revenge on London streets

One-Minute Read
Tue 22 Jul, AT 13:36

Girls as young as 11 targeted in 'sket lists' as a form of revenge seen as less risky than carrying a knife

Two suicides, two women who felt let down by justice

Tue 4 Feb, AT 11:42

Tracy Shelvey and Anne-Marie Ellement had both claimed they were raped and saw the men go free