RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
17 Jun, 2015

Technical glitch has affected 600,000 transactions across RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank

RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
30 Jul, 2015

Bank still reported a sizable loss for the first half as a result of litigation and restructuring costs

18 Feb, 2015

NatWest and RBS customers with Apple iPhones can now use fingerprints to access bank accounts

13 Nov, 2014

Angry Channel 4 economics editor is 'sick' of banks behaving badly and calls for tougher regulation

14 Dec, 2014

Reviewed: the inside story of what went wrong at RBS, the Federal Reserve and the Eurozone

27 Aug, 2014

The latest in a long line of 'unacceptable' failings could have cost borrowers their homes, says regulator

David Cameron in Aberdeen
16 Sep, 2014

Cameron promises he 'won't be here forever' but warns that leaving the UK will be a 'painful divorce'

Royal Bank of Scotland
25 Apr, 2014

RBS tries to sidestep government rules by paying Ross McEwan an extra £1m 'allowance'

27 Feb, 2014

Chief executive admits decision is 'highly emotional one' but insists the bank needs to pay 'fairly'

15 Jan, 2014

Osborne wants RBS to keep its best people – but risks claims that Tories 'stand up for the wrong people'