15 Jan, 2014

Government pressed to use its 81% stake in RBS to block bonuses of up to twice the size of salaries

04 Dec, 2013

European Commission fines banks that formed illegal cartels to rig benchmark interest rates

03 Dec, 2013

Angry shoppers 'embarrassed' at checkouts and petrol stations, but RBS can't explain shut-down

29 Nov, 2013

RBS stands accused of sending small businesses to the wall so it can grab their assets

01 Nov, 2013

Royal Bank of Scotland announces plan to put riskiest assets in an internal ring-fenced 'bad bank'

Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group
23 Aug, 2013

With new brooms in place, and the CPP mis-selling racket exposed, the mood is shifting

20 Aug, 2013

Big five return to profitability but KPMG warns growth won't match pre-2008 levels

02 Aug, 2013

Ross McEwan hailed as 'outstanding leader' but faces tough challenges despite bank's improved figures

25 Jul, 2013

Bad day for bailed-out bank as leading candidate for Stephen Hester's job rules himself out