RBS meltdown: bank vows to 'compensate' angry customers

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Tue 3 Dec, AT 11:17

Angry shoppers 'embarrassed' at checkouts and petrol stations, but RBS can't explain shut-down

A scandal too far? Latest RBS allegations are the worst of all

Personal Finance
Fri 29 Nov, AT 14:55

RBS stands accused of sending small businesses to the wall so it can grab their assets

RBS 'bad bank' Q&A: how does new plan help the taxpayer?

Fri 1 Nov, AT 09:48

Royal Bank of Scotland announces plan to put riskiest assets in an internal ring-fenced 'bad bank'

Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group

Have Britain’s scandalous banks finally turned a corner?

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Fri 23 Aug, AT 15:29

With new brooms in place, and the CPP mis-selling racket exposed, the mood is shifting


Britain's top banks back in black but 'dangers remain'

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Tue 20 Aug, AT 11:13

Big five return to profitability but KPMG warns growth won't match pre-2008 levels

RBS appoints new boss and reveals return to profit

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Fri 2 Aug, AT 11:37

Ross McEwan hailed as 'outstanding leader' but faces tough challenges despite bank's improved figures

RBS is fined £5.6m for improper reporting of banking deals

Thu 25 Jul, AT 11:07

Bad day for bailed-out bank as leading candidate for Stephen Hester's job rules himself out

Moody's praises UK banks and upgrades outlook

Thu 11 Jul, AT 10:38

Big banks would be able to withstand another financial crisis and profits are set to rise

George Osborne heralds Lloyds Bank sell off

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Thu 20 Jun, AT 10:00

The chancellor also announced that the UK is 'out of intensive care' in his Mansion House speech last night