Fred Goodwin
18 Jan, 2010

Sir Fred Goodwin, the man who ruined RBS, gets job with one of world’s top architects

British banks bail-out
25 Nov, 2009

Politicians are upset they weren’t told – but the secrecy was doubtless prudent

Lloyds and RBS
03 Nov, 2009

What commentators and politicians say about the break-up of bailed-out banks RBS and Lloyds

British banks bail-out
02 Nov, 2009

More high street banks with a smaller share of business can still be profitable

Sir Fred Goodwin
17 Aug, 2009

The disgraced former RBS boss has ended his five-month exile in France

07 Aug, 2009

The part-nationalised banking group has reported a pre-tax profit of £15m for the first half

Disgraced former cheif executive of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin
13 Jul, 2009

Former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin has been forced to relinquish an honour that was originally approved by the Queen

Disgraced former cheif executive of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin
18 Jun, 2009

The disgraced banker has accepted a cut of more than £200,000 a year in return for immunity

Sir Fred Goodwin
15 Jun, 2009

The man who ruined RBS is found hiding in the hills on the Cote d’Azur according to a British Sunday newspaper

Sir Fred Goodwin
11 May, 2009

Disgraced banker’s membership would tarnish the Royal & Ancient, say golfers