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Bank of England

BOE's Paul Fisher says UK will not recover at same rate as US

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Wed 12 Jun, AT 10:17

Senior Bank official downplays recent positive data and warns UK is 'one or two years' behind America

Is Lloyds Banking Group sell-off months away?

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Mon 10 Jun, AT 12:40

George Osborne is expected to signal desire to begin reprivatisation of Lloyds and RBS by next general election

Britain's £10bn backdoor bail-out

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Mon 10 Jun, AT 11:56

Money injected into RBS subsidiary Ulster Bank was not 'explicitly approved by parliament'


Lloyds, HSBC, RBS and Barclays to have axed 189,000 jobs by 2013

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Wed 29 May, AT 12:26

Figures show banks will have cut their headcount by 24% to a nine-year low of 606,000,

Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group

Nathan Bostock 'being groomed for Stephen Hester's job' at RBS

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Tue 28 May, AT 13:33

Bostock believed to be leading internal candidate for top role at RBS

Sir Philip Hampton: RBS boss says there could be more scandal

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Wed 15 May, AT 12:38

Hampton cannot rule out any further 'skeletons in the cupboard'

Stephen Hester: no takers for RBS £20bn

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Tue 7 May, AT 13:18

'We are lending as much as we can' but have 'deposits coming out our ears', says bank boss

RBS hints at re-privatisation as it reports £826m profit

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Fri 3 May, AT 10:16

Bailed-out bank chief says it has been 'cleaned up' but sell-off would result in 'eye-popping' £18bn loss

Archbishop Justin Welby: time to break up the banks

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Tue 23 Apr, AT 09:57

Former oil executive says UK needs a banking revolution to get out of 'depression'

Mervyn King slams George Osborne on RBS

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 08:09

Bank of England governor says it's time to break-up part-nationalised Royal Bank of Scotland