Richard Branson
15 Oct, 2012

But there could be competition from US entrepreneur Christopher Flowers in wake of Santander pull-out

02 Oct, 2012

Stephen Hester, chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, says customer needs to come first

22 Aug, 2012

US investigating RBS Iran transactions following Standard Chartered’s $340m settlement

16 Aug, 2012

Subpoenas for Barclays, HSBC and RBS prepare ground for investors to sue banks involved

02 Aug, 2012

Frustration at failure of banks to lend gets anti-Osborne forces talking

27 Jul, 2012

Opinion digest: under the Olympic gloss, how to enjoy sport, and the Treasury problem

02 Jul, 2012

Barclays chairman falls on sword – but with new claims against Bank of England, it will solve nothing

Barclays' Bob Diamond
01 Jul, 2012

14 Barclays traders face FBI probe while two leading shareholders want management gone

Wimbledon strawberries
27 Jun, 2012

No Pimm’s at the tennis and no golf at Gleneagles as banking giant faces investigation by the FSA