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Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group

UK banks 'are sitting on £40 billion in undeclared losses'

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Wed 6 Jun, AT 11:56

RBS alone has hidden losses of £18bn, according to new research, and new accounting standards are to blame

Royal Bank of Scotland may make a bid for Game Group

RBS pays back £75bn lent by UK taxpayer at height of financial crisis

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Fri 4 May, AT 11:56

Bank's prospects are looking up - but government is unlikely to sell its stake any time soon


Home entertainment company Game on brink of bankruptcy

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Wed 21 Mar, AT 13:14

Gaming retailer announces it has 'no equity value left' as shares are suspended


How HSBC made £13.8bn profits while UK rivals faltered

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Mon 27 Feb, AT 15:09

'Pedestrian' institution's reliance on retail banking and global reach helped it put RBS and Barclays in the shade

Lloyds announces £3.5bn loss as RBS boss defends bonuses

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Fri 24 Feb, AT 12:48

Stephen Hester argues that a bank that did not pay bonuses would fail


After Lloyds, will RBS bankers face bonus clawbacks?

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Mon 20 Feb, AT 12:53

Lloyds is set to take back more than £1m from its senior executives after losing £3.2bn in PPI scandal

You try defending your salary, Stephen Hester tells Naughtie

Media Watch
Wed 8 Feb, AT 10:50

RBS boss admits he considered resigning over bonus uproar – but he refuses to apologise for his high pay