You try defending your salary, Stephen Hester tells Naughtie

Media Watch
Wed 8 Feb, AT 10:50

RBS boss admits he considered resigning over bonus uproar – but he refuses to apologise for his high pay

Fred Goodwin

If we're so keen to punish Fred Goodwin, why stop there?

Talking Point
Wed 1 Feb, AT 12:04

The former bank chief's humiliation is a reminder of how few prosecutions there have been since the crash

Fred Goodwin

Goodwin backlash: no need for Westminster lynch mob

One-Minute Read
Wed 1 Feb, AT 07:48

Stripping of Goodwin's knighthood inappropriate and risks anti-business hysteria, says IoD

Richard Ehrman

RBS: how to split it up and save money on expensive bankers

Tue 31 Jan, AT 08:52
Richard Ehrman

Sell off the good bits, and you won't need a big bonus master of the universe to look after what's left

Phew! Surely Stephen Hester will get his knighthood now

Mon 30 Jan, AT 09:42
The Mole

By declining his £1m shares bonus, Hester may have helped Cameron avert a national strike

Hester's bonus: much bigger than taxpayers were first told

One-Minute Read
Sun 29 Jan, AT 09:55

PM under mounting pressure to intervene as scale of bonuses at nationalised bank emerges


Sir Fred Goodwin 'to get de-knighted this week’

Wed 25 Jan, AT 13:00
The Mole

Little-known Honours Forfeiture Committee set to reduce banker to plain Mr Goodwin

Report into RBS collapse lets culprits dodge punishment

Talking Point
Tue 13 Dec, AT 11:14

FSA report is an extended mea culpa but only real penalties can prevent it happening again

Markets fall; Hong Kong shares; stockmarket

Bank shares slump after US federal law suit

Mon 5 Sep, AT 16:55

UK and European markets react negatively after key banking institutions are named in US suit

Alastair Darling

Darling slams ‘arrogant, stupid’ bankers in memoir

Fri 2 Sep, AT 10:43

Former chancellor reveals Fred Goodwin looked like a man ‘off to play golf’ as RBS crumbled