Markets fall; Hong Kong shares; stockmarket
05 Sep, 2011

UK and European markets react negatively after key banking institutions are named in US suit

Alastair Darling
02 Sep, 2011

Former chancellor reveals Fred Goodwin looked like a man ‘off to play golf’ as RBS crumbled

05 Aug, 2011

Business digest: Part-nationalised bank hit by Greece exposure and charges for misselling PPI

Nick Clegg
23 Jun, 2011

First reaction: Nick Clegg wants to hand out RBS and Lloyds shares to the taxpayers who rescued them

21 Jun, 2011

Business digest: UK taxpayer-owned bank faces action over $500m in bonds sold before credit crunch

UK currency
24 May, 2011

Business digest: withdrawal of government support leaves banks facing credit review

Disgraced former cheif executive of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin
19 May, 2011

Parliamentary privilege used to reveal more details of court order taken out by former RBS boss

18 Mar, 2011

Business digest: Bailed-out bank’s key staff paid £1.1m on average

24 Feb, 2011

Business digest: State-owned Royal Bank of Scotland says recovery is 'ahead of schedule'

18 Jan, 2011

Business Digest: Tens of thousands extraordinarily highly paid, says Hampton