Rebekah Brooks

09 May, 2012

The Queen's Speech is but a distraction from claims that PM texted former Murdoch exec before she quit

20 Apr, 2012

Inquiry sets aside three days to hear testimony from Rupert and James amid tightened security

03 May, 2012

Opinion digest: Cameron's damaging relationship with Murdoch, London's mayoral election, and China's blind prophet

01 May, 2012

MPs hold back from naming names. But are they being legally prudent - or protecting Cameron?

Michael Bywater
26 Apr, 2012

If God had read 'The Righteous Mind' he might have spared Sodom and saved us a lot of trouble

25 Apr, 2012

After yesterday's email revelations, Murdoch Snr knows he has the power to destroy the PM

James Murdoch
24 Apr, 2012

News Corp exec spoke 'briefly' about controversial takeover bid during dinner with PM and Rebekah Brooks

Tom Watson
19 Apr, 2012

Rebekah Brooks's office was bugged, claims MP, as she prepares to face hacking charge

04 Apr, 2012

Expect fireworks as James, Rupert and Rebekah Brooks line up with their nemesis Tom Watson at media inquiry

19 Mar, 2012

Opinion Digest: From the law to the Budget to the prejudice against British art abroad