Father 'legally required' to take his children to church

One-Minute Read Tue 20 Jan, AT 15:44

Divorced dad risks jail sentence if he fails to take his children to Catholic mass at Christmas

A Chinese evangelicalist

Church of the Almighty God: what is China's 'demon-killing' cult?

Briefing Thu 21 Aug, AT 15:23

Described as a 'plague on humankind', members of the sect are going on trial for a brutal murder

A young girl reads a children's book

Children exposed to religion 'more likely to believe in fairy tales'

One-Minute Read Tue 22 Jul, AT 12:21

Religion has a 'powerful' impact on a child's ability to separate reality from fiction, say researchers

Scientology logo

Scientology: religion redefined in Supreme Court judgment

One-Minute Read Wed 11 Dec, AT 15:49

Judges allow wedding in Scientology chapel but will there be repercussions for the taxpayer?

Are Sharia divorces on the way? Experts are sceptical

First Reaction Fri 1 Feb, AT 09:37

Some lawyers claim landmark ruling Jewish couple's split could pave the way for Sharia divorces in UK

Boris and Gove sign letter supporting gay marriage

One-Minute Read Sun 9 Dec, AT 12:02

The mayor of London and the Education Secretary are among 19 senior Tories backing a 2014 legalisation

Two and a Half Men's Jake says don't watch my show - it's 'filth'

One-Minute Read Tue 27 Nov, AT 09:30

Teenage actor who played Charlie Sheen's nephew tells viewers to turn off US comedy after finding God

God, Obama and aliens: the top Hurricane Sandy conspiracies

First Post Tue 30 Oct, AT 16:34

Christian preacher says God is punishing US for supporting gay marriage, while others blame Obama

Channel 4 cancels screening of Islam film over security fears

First Reaction Wed 12 Sep, AT 10:05

Islam: The Untold Story sparks 1,200 complaints and threats to presenter and historian Tom Holland