13 Apr, 2015

Nearly two-thirds of British people are either non-religious or atheist, a new poll has revealed

20 Jan, 2015

Divorced dad risks jail sentence if he fails to take his children to Catholic mass at Christmas

A young girl reads a children's book
22 Jul, 2014

Religion has a 'powerful' impact on a child's ability to separate reality from fiction, say researchers

Scientology logo
11 Dec, 2013

Judges allow wedding in Scientology chapel but will there be repercussions for the taxpayer?

01 Feb, 2013

Some lawyers claim landmark ruling Jewish couple's split could pave the way for Sharia divorces in UK

09 Dec, 2012

The mayor of London and the Education Secretary are among 19 senior Tories backing a 2014 legalisation

27 Nov, 2012

Teenage actor who played Charlie Sheen's nephew tells viewers to turn off US comedy after finding God

30 Oct, 2012

Christian preacher says God is punishing US for supporting gay marriage, while others blame Obama

12 Sep, 2012

Islam: The Untold Story sparks 1,200 complaints and threats to presenter and historian Tom Holland