Republican Party

Republican threatens to throw reporter 'off balcony' - video

Wed 29 Jan, AT 11:57

US congressman Michael Grimm offers to break journalist 'in half' after question about fund-raising probe

Charles Laurence

Chris Christie: a scandal too far for White House hopeful

Tue 14 Jan, AT 09:35
Charles Laurence

The New Jersey Governor had only just dealt with Bridgegate when the Sandy relief storm blew in

Bill de Blasio

What de Blasio and Christie's big wins mean for America

First Reaction
Wed 6 Nov, AT 09:43

De Blasio is NYC's first Democratic mayor in 20 years; but Christie sparks Republican hopes

How girl power stopped macho Republicans taking US down

Fri 18 Oct, AT 09:56
Coline Covington

Obama is not the only one showing his feminine side: it took four women to avert US debt catastrophe

US congress

US shutdown: no deal struck despite offer to lift debt ceiling

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 Oct, AT 10:50

Marked change in tone from White House and Republicans but still no resolution reached

Charles Laurence

Tea Party tax outrage: latest 'scandal' to beset Obama

Thu 16 May, AT 10:01
Charles Laurence

The US President is under fire on three fronts – but it's really Hillary Clinton the Republicans want to sink

Why Major backs moderniser Cameron on gay marriage

Mon 10 Dec, AT 11:07
The Mole

The PM needs serious help if he’s to persuade Tory old-timers that gay marriage is a relevant issue

Crispin Black

David Petraeus: a personality cult with a zipper problem

Thu 15 Nov, AT 10:30
Crispin Black

Many saw Petraeus as a future president. But the truth is he was overrated – and not just by Paula Broadwell

Barack Obama

$64,000 question: can Obama avoid becoming a lame-duck?

Talking Point
Thu 8 Nov, AT 09:09

No shortage of advice for re-elected president as 'fiscal cliff' approaches and Wall St shows its lack of belief

Donald Trump

Trump in crazed Twitter tirade as Obama wins second term

First Reaction
Wed 7 Nov, AT 13:01

Furious businessman calls for a revolution in America as the internet chuckles