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George Galloway wins Bradford West

Galloway tells student 'I won't debate with Israelis' - video

Thu 21 Feb, AT 11:24

MP accused of 'racism' after storming out of Oxford debate; he says he is boycotting Israel

Labour triumph as UKIP claim to be 'second party of North'

First Reaction
Fri 30 Nov, AT 08:56

Opposition wins three by-elections as Tories trail behind UKIP and Lib Dems lose two deposits

A star is born: Emi Wokoma sensational as Tina Turner

Hot Ticket
Thu 26 Apr, AT 07:14

West End beckons for Tina Turner musical Soul Sister as charismatic newcomer Emi wins over critics


Anders Breivik was perfectly sane in his ghastly ambition

Opinion digest
Tue 17 Apr, AT 12:02

Opinion round-up: Anders Breivik trial, taxing philanthropy and the futility of voting for independents

George Galloway

Cat that got the cream: George Galloway stuns Labour

First Reaction
Fri 30 Mar, AT 08:55

Anti-war pro-jobs message wins sensational 36% swing from Labour to Respect in Bradford by-election