Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins sparks Twitter 'tsunami' with rape tweets

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Wed 30 Jul, AT 14:32

Campaigners accuse Dawkins of perpetuating 'dangerous' myths, but evolutionist says it was just a lesson in logic

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins: 'fairy tales are bad for children'

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Thu 5 Jun, AT 11:19

Stories about the supernatural world could hold back young children, says Richard Dawkins

Adam Holland's family sue after 'devastating' Down Syndrome meme

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Tue 30 Apr, AT 13:20

Family take $18m action after discovering picture of disabled son used for website's 'retarded news' section

'Segregated' seating at Leicester Uni Islamic Society investigated

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Mon 15 Apr, AT 16:04

Fresh evidence of students forced to sit separately comes month after UCL accused of 'sexual apartheid'

Brits too afraid of 'aggressive' Muslims, says US academic

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Fri 15 Mar, AT 12:28

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss shocked by men and women being segregated at London uni debate

Richard Dawkins

Chief Rabbi slams Dawkins for using 'anti-Semitic stereotype'

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Fri 14 Sep, AT 09:48

Richard Dawkins insists his description of God as a 'bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser' was intended as a joke

Richard Dawkins

'Outspoken atheist' Dawkins admits he is agnostic

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Fri 24 Feb, AT 10:08

Revelation comes as Richard Dawkins and Archbishop Rowan Williams genially debate religion

Baroness Warsi

Dawkins and Warsi threaten Britain's history of tolerance

Talking Point
Wed 15 Feb, AT 13:03

Outlandish claims about religion risk taking Britain down the American path

'Oh God': Dawkins forgets name of evolution's bible

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Tue 14 Feb, AT 13:54

St Valentine's massacre in religion wars as Dawkins forgets full name of seminal Darwin book

AC Grayling

AC Grayling’s new college hit by plagiarism row

Tue 7 Jun, AT 12:05

Two days after its launch, the New College of the Humanities faces criticism from all quarters