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Richard Eyre

Guys and Dolls, Chichester Festival Theater

Guys and Dolls -reviews of 'triumphant' musical revival

Hot Ticket
Tue 26 Aug, AT 07:15

Chichester 'hit factory' wows critics again with exhilarating staging of golden-age musical

The Pajama Game Profile

The Pajama Game – reviews of 'delightful' musical comedy

Hot Ticket
Thu 15 May, AT 07:45

Passion and politics collide in 'zingingly entertaining' musical revival that has critics humming

Pirandello's Liola gets an Irish twist at National Theatre

Hot Ticket
Thu 15 Aug, AT 07:45

Sicilian comedy with Irish cast and gypsy musicians 'shimmers with heat and enchantment'

Rowan Atkinson is 'superb' in Quartermaine's Terms revival

Hot Ticket
Mon 4 Feb, AT 08:08

Atkinson brings surprising pathos to this magnificently funny and touching production