Ricky Gervais

Stars quake with fear as Ricky Gervais hosts Golden Globes

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Sun 15 Jan, AT 11:03

But will the British comic repeat his celeb-baiting act, or tone it down a little this year?

Golden Globes shortlist 'a red rag' to bullish Ricky Gervais

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Fri 16 Dec, AT 14:38

Organisers appear to have put 'red carpet power' ahead of movie magic in their choice of nominees

Hollywood divided as Gervais returns to Golden Globes

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Thu 17 Nov, AT 10:29

Organisers take a risk after one Tinseltown A-lister threatened to boycott awards if Gervais came back

Too short on jokes: lukewarm reception for Gervais show

Fri 11 Nov, AT 11:12

Ricky Gervais offers to present the Oscars - but new TV show Life's Too Short gets poor reviews

Ricky Gervais unrepentant for saying ‘mong’ on Twitter

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Thu 20 Oct, AT 20:29

Disability groups and fellow comedians attack Gervais for ‘offensive’ term

Ricky Gervais

Gervais plans alternative Golden Globes podcast

Mon 12 Sep, AT 16:53

After two years hosting awards comic wants to run live podcast with Jon Stewart, Larry David and ‘chums’

Johnny Depp

Gervais gets the laughs, Depp gets the palazzo

Mon 31 Jan, AT 15:43

Johnny Depp buys palazzo in Venice after his turn in The Tourist

Is Will Ferrell set to take over at The Office?

Fri 28 Jan, AT 12:38

US comic will appear in four episodes of the sitcom as Steve Carell bows out and Gervais makes a cameo