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Ricky Gervais

Stars quake with fear as Ricky Gervais hosts Golden Globes

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Sun 15 Jan, AT 11:03

But will the British comic repeat his celeb-baiting act, or tone it down a little this year?

Golden Globes shortlist 'a red rag' to bullish Ricky Gervais

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Fri 16 Dec, AT 14:38

Organisers appear to have put 'red carpet power' ahead of movie magic in their choice of nominees

Hollywood divided as Gervais returns to Golden Globes

One-Minute Read
Thu 17 Nov, AT 10:29

Organisers take a risk after one Tinseltown A-lister threatened to boycott awards if Gervais came back

Too short on jokes: lukewarm reception for Gervais show

Fri 11 Nov, AT 11:12

Ricky Gervais offers to present the Oscars - but new TV show Life's Too Short gets poor reviews

Ricky Gervais unrepentant for saying ‘mong’ on Twitter

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Thu 20 Oct, AT 20:29

Disability groups and fellow comedians attack Gervais for ‘offensive’ term