Ridley Scott

27 Nov, 2014

British director says the biblical film Exodus wouldn't be financed if the lead actor was called 'Mohammad so-and-so'

16 Nov, 2012

Beatles Live! doc and Springsteen biopic will both rely on 'user-generated comment'

21 Aug, 2012

Family denies he had 'inoperable brain cancer' as fans urge a rethink of his 'action flick' reputation

20 Aug, 2012

Younger brother of Gladiator director Ridley Scott jumps to his death from bridge over LA harbour

01 Jun, 2012

Slime bursts and Michael Fassbender's stylishly icy android are scene stealers in this sci-fi freakout

Charlize Theron in Prometheus
30 Apr, 2012

New trailers and marketing gimmicks leave many feeling upcoming movie's plot is being spoiled

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner
06 Feb, 2012

Speculation mounts that the film could be a sequel to 1982 cult classic

21 Nov, 2011

Butler hopes to team up with Gladiator director Ridley Scott to tell the mercenary's story

13 May, 2010

Film of the week: Russell Crowe swaps tights and the redistribution of wealth for epic, revisionist tale