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Russell Brand flings pap's cellphone through window

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Twitter school

Lady Gaga hits 20m Twitter followers: how does she do it?

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A few simple tips, and one very hard one, to help emulate the most popular person on Twitter

Adele ushered off at the Brits by James Corden

Adele 'flips finger' as speech is cut short at the Brits

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I don't understand why I was made to do it, says Corden after hustling singer off-stage for Blur set

Rihanna at Brit Awards 2011

Brit Awards 2012: rerun of last year or full of surprises?

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Coldplay could blow the roof off the O2 as Blur's Alex James is covered in Dairylea confetti


Grammys 2012: can Adele live up to her comeback billing?

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