Lady Gaga

Enough raunch! Joan Bakewell joins the anti-Gaga lobby

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Thu 5 Jan, AT 13:17

Comments come as David Cameron prepares to confront music bosses over raunchy music videos

Fifteen seconds of fame: fleeting stars of 2011

Wed 28 Dec, AT 05:00

They were famous for 15 seconds in 2011, but will we hear from them again?

'Ghetto ass' and the N-word: mag in trouble over Rihanna

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Tue 20 Dec, AT 07:54

After meeting a ranting racist at her Lisbon hotel, Rihanna has a Dutch fashion mag to deal with

Rihanna finds love through sex and drugs in new video

Thu 20 Oct, AT 17:24

Barbadian singer tops her own raunchy standards with new song We Found Love


Rihanna gets raunchy at O2 gig, but is it too much?

Thu 6 Oct, AT 14:27

Pop critics begin to tire of Barbadian singer’s sexual routines and skimpy outfits


Farmer orders raunchy Rihanna to cover up

Tue 27 Sep, AT 16:34

Pop star was caught acting 'innapropriately' in fields near Bangor as she filmed her new video


Rihanna’s acting debut seen in Battleship promo

Mon 8 Aug, AT 14:56

Trailer teases fans as R&B singer gets her hands on huge weapon in FBI role