10 Feb, 2012

Will Kanye West behave? Will Rihanna and Chris Brown reunite? Will anyone arrive in an egg?

Lady Gaga
05 Jan, 2012

Comments come as David Cameron prepares to confront music bosses over raunchy music videos

28 Dec, 2011

They were famous for 15 seconds in 2011, but will we hear from them again?

20 Dec, 2011

After meeting a ranting racist at her Lisbon hotel, Rihanna has a Dutch fashion mag to deal with

20 Oct, 2011

Barbadian singer tops her own raunchy standards with new song We Found Love

06 Oct, 2011

Pop critics begin to tire of Barbadian singer’s sexual routines and skimpy outfits

27 Sep, 2011

Pop star was caught acting 'innapropriately' in fields near Bangor as she filmed her new video

Graeme Swann