08 Aug, 2011

Trailer teases fans as R&B singer gets her hands on huge weapon in FBI role

17 Jun, 2011

Songwriter blames Rihanna, Scherzinger and other US acts for ‘relentless torrent of sex-driven imagery’

Rihanna and Britney Spears
03 Jun, 2011

As Rihanna herself says, ‘the music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us’

Christina Aguilera on X Factor
21 Apr, 2011

Ofcom says paper used ‘overly graphic’ photos of Rihanna and Aguilera’s dance routines at X Factor final

11 Feb, 2011

As for next week's Brits, that's not all she might be letting down...

Christina Aguilera on X Factor
14 Dec, 2010

Two years after Sachsgate the Daily Mail continues to keep those pesky broadcasters on their toes

lady Gaga Rihanna
03 Dec, 2010

Two German hackers admit to stealing unreleased music from pop stars’ computers