Pop is descending into porn, says Mike Stock

News Fri 17 Jun, AT 10:08

Songwriter blames Rihanna, Scherzinger and other US acts for ‘relentless torrent of sex-driven imagery’

Rihanna and Britney Spears

Can the government stop sexualisation of children?

News Fri 3 Jun, AT 11:47

As Rihanna herself says, ‘the music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us’

Christina Aguilera on X Factor

Rihanna buttock-thrusting okayed by TV watchdog

News Thu 21 Apr, AT 09:49

Ofcom says paper used ‘overly graphic’ photos of Rihanna and Aguilera’s dance routines at X Factor final

Rihanna lets her guard down for Grammy awards

News Fri 11 Feb, AT 13:01

As for next week's Brits, that's not all she might be letting down...