Robert de Niro

Robert Pattinson would love to be a lord

The Tabloids
Thu 15 Nov, AT 11:51

Tabloid tales: Robert De Niro scolds 'rude' Jay Z, world's worst hotel, and Lord Pattinson?

Bob Hoskins retires from 'acting lark' after Parkinson's diagnosis

One-Minute Read
Thu 9 Aug, AT 12:26

The Cockney-accented rough diamond isn't the first high-profile actor to suffer from the disease

Spice Girls

Spice Girls forever: business model that works a treat

First Post
Wed 27 Jun, AT 12:56

Plans for a theatre adaptation of the famous five's songs and career follow in footsteps of Mamma Mia!

Henry Hill with Ray Liotta, star of Goodfellas

Goodfellas gangster Henry Hill dies aged 69

One-Minute Read
Wed 13 Jun, AT 16:53

Mobster whose life story inspired Hollywood film Goodfellas died of 'undisclosed illness'

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro feels the wrath of an unamused Newt

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Thu 22 Mar, AT 17:27

Hollywood star forced to apologise after joking about the Republican contenders’ wives

De Niro and Swank can't stop New Year's Eve bombing

Mon 12 Dec, AT 16:01

The star-cast comedy extravaganza goes down as Hollywood's big Christmas turkey

Trump: Robert De Niro ‘not the brightest bulb’

Wed 27 Apr, AT 13:21

The Donald’s presidential juggernaut rolls on after spat over Obama’s birth

Robert De Niro

Can we all forget Fockers in time for Cannes?

Fri 7 Jan, AT 13:27

Robert De Niro gets jury honour after receiving worst reviews of his career