Robert Halfon

Military action in Syria: what are MPs saying?

Thu 29 Aug, AT 12:35

Politicians divided on whether intervention will prevent future chemical attacks or lead to 'absolute disaster'

Petrol prices 'rigged for a decade'

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Wed 15 May, AT 10:35

BP and Shell offices raided over allegations that British motorists have been ripped off

Atos 'told woman with Crohn's disease to wear nappy to work'

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Fri 18 Jan, AT 11:52

Private company hired to check out welfare claimants attacked by MPs for 'degrading and crass' attitude

Petrol prices might have been fixed in same way as Libor

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Mon 16 Jul, AT 08:33

MPs call for inquiry after G20 report says oil price is open to 'manipulation' because it relies on honesty of traders