Rod Stewart

Usain Bolt

Seven ways in which the Commonwealth Games are a bit s***

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Usain Bolt denies calling the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 'a bit s***' – but maybe they are

Rod Stewart: British men dress like 'tramps'

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Singer blasts 'anoraks and shorts' mentality and says restaurants should enforce dress codes

Why Rod Stewart's first No.1 LP in 34 years is good for Britain

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The 68-year-old's ability to get Time, an album of new material, to top of charts should inspire us all

Rod Stewart cries tears of joy

Rod Stewart cries as Celtic beat mighty Barcelona - video

Thu 8 Nov, AT 10:56

The Scottish rocker can't contain his emotions after famous victory at Parkhead

'Video mocking homeless' shown at Justin Timberlake’s wedding

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Tabloid tales: Timberlake's wedding controversy, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood's weird cocaine habits, shark on golf course