Roger Hargreaves

Adventure game Brothers is an enchanting adult fairy tale

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Wed 14 Aug, AT 07:55

Emotionally powerful and visually sumptuous, this rare video game will warm and wrench your heart

Walking Dead returns with 'delightfully tense' 400 Days

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Wed 10 Jul, AT 07:49

New instalment of hit zombie apocalypse adventure game is short, gut-wrenching and compelling

Mexican wrestling video game Guacamelee! is 'brilliant fun'

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Tue 16 Apr, AT 07:49

Bizarre world of Mexican wrestling inspires colourful and entertaining platform game

Retrovirus: the videogame set inside a desktop computer

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Wed 13 Feb, AT 07:25

Descent-inspired game with brilliant visuals and weapons options makes blasting bugs 'blissful'

Anarchy Reigns: a 'superbly orchestrated' combat game

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Mon 14 Jan, AT 08:07

Wacky characters, endless fist fodder and great music make this an online action gem

Roger Hargreaves Mr Men Google doodle

Roger Hargreaves Mr Men Google doodles: see all 16

Mon 9 May, AT 13:46

Search engine unveils range of logos to celebrate the Mr Man creator's birthday