Roman Polanski

30 May, 2014

Polanski turns drama of sexual role-play into a witty, elegant romp with juicy performances, say critics

04 Jan, 2013

The BFI revisits the chilling, compelling classics of controversial film-maker Roman Polanski

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Roman Polanski
18 May, 2011

Many in France believe Polanski's flight from US justice will make DSK’s legal fight harder

Roman Polanski
13 Jul, 2010

US prosecutors say they will continue their pursuit of Polanski as both sides have their say

Roman Polanski
12 Jul, 2010

Roman Polanski, who the US wanted to extradite for unlawful sex with a minor, is free to go

Charlotte Lewis and Roman Polanski
17 May, 2010

But her story does not square with earlier interviews given after filming ‘Pirates’

Roman Polanski
23 Apr, 2010

California court rejects film director’s bid to be sentenced in absentia

15 Apr, 2010

Film of the week: Tony Blair is not the only ‘ghost’ to stalk Roman Polanski’s absorbing new film

Roman Polanski
12 Feb, 2010

Brosnan and McGregor expected but the director remains under arrest