Super-hacker 'Guccifer' held and named as Marcel Lazar Lehel

Thu 23 Jan, AT 10:34

It didn't take long to find him once he hacked into the email of Romania's spy chief, George Maior

Immigration: behind the noisy headlines, a country divided

Tue 7 Jan, AT 09:38
The Conversation

Those against immigration shout the loudest – but actually we're evenly divided, writes Robert Ford

EU migrants: No 'influx' from Romania as controls lifted

First Reaction
Thu 2 Jan, AT 09:02

Press and MPs accused of 'xenophobia' and 'hysteria' as 'stampede' of EU migrants fails to materialise

Here come the Romanians - but is leaving home really that easy?

Wed 4 Dec, AT 15:09
Nigel Horne

Andrea and Gabriel left Bucharest for London to earn money to pay for their wedding. But it's not a real life

Romanian road rules may have triggered horsemeat crisis

First Post
Mon 11 Feb, AT 09:59

New laws have seen 'hundreds of thousands' of horses killed for food at Romanian abattoirs

Viral world: what caught fire on the internet this week

First Post
Fri 1 Feb, AT 15:13

Cats that look like One Direction, Lance Armstrong re-edited, and the man who caught a 100ft wave


UK to tell Romania: stay away - there are no jobs and it rains

One-Minute Read
Mon 28 Jan, AT 09:39

Negative ad campaign considered as one option to reduce immigration from Romania and Bulgaria

Chained person

Did the CIA run torture prison 'black site' in Poland?

First Post
Fri 22 Jun, AT 12:08

Inquiry into secret prison threatens to entangle former top Polish officials