Romania riots
18 Jan, 2012

Thousands are demonstrating across Romania – is this the start of a European Spring?

Herta Mueller
One-Minute Read
08 Oct, 2009

Herta Muller, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, has been at war with the Romanian secret police for 30 years

Alessandra Mussolini
One-Minute Read
07 Sep, 2009

Il Duce’s granddaughter has threatened the distributors of ‘Francesca’ with legal action, over a reference to that ‘Mussolini whore’

One-Minute Read
05 May, 2009

The Romanian capital is brimming with confidence as it celebrates its 550th birthday

One-Minute Read
10 Dec, 2008

Bear watching in Romania

One-Minute Read
26 Nov, 2008

Gloriously unspoilt