Ronald Reagan

A Russian solider near a truck with missiles
29 Jul, 2014

Obama accuses Russia of breaking Cold War test treaty with cruise missile launch

11 Apr, 2013

Among the international guests will be FW De Klerk, the last president of apartheid South Africa

19 Jun, 2014

From the Falklands war to financial deregulation and the poll tax, Thatcher transformed UK politics

09 Apr, 2013

Political strategists and fundraisers already pushing for Hillary before this 'glass ceiling' reminder

19 Mar, 2013

Shy Argentine cardinal emerges as warm, engaging speaker who knows how to use the press

14 Feb, 2013

Ed's history lesson: forget Harold Macmillan and remember how Ronald Reagan beat Carter in 1980

09 Oct, 2012

Two weeks after he risked alienating half of US with his '47 per cent' remark, Romney is back in the race

Crispin Black
25 Jul, 2012

It's right to invoke Reagan: he supported union rights against greedy bosses - but not in the public sector

Crispin Black
12 Jul, 2012

Last time Hollande visited London, Cameron snubbed him. This time he sensibly rolled out the red carpet