One-Minute Read
21 May, 2015

Another animal rights activist seeking election as RSPCA trustee wants to set pets freed from 'leather nooses'

10 Apr, 2015

Animal rights groups say the event will cause a considerable amount of stress to the reclusive birds

06 Aug, 2013

Owners of dogs that kill face life in prison under new proposals - but is it enough to stop attacks?

In Depth
07 Mar, 2013

Forget the image of Bambi, says researchers - without natural predators, deer pose a real threat

One-Minute Read
15 Jan, 2013

Police fears for swans after five go missing in possibly 'linked' events either side of Christmas

Chris Packham
One-Minute Read
26 Sep, 2012

'Rural communities have enough problems as it is without us boycotting their produce,' says TV naturalist

20 Sep, 2012

Meanwhile, police chief warns badger culls will be risk to public safety because of presence of protesters

03 Sep, 2012

Tabloid tales: Cruise’s bizarre hunt for a bride, One Direction in space, trapped fox is embarrassed