RSPCA candidate compared farming to holocaust

One-Minute Read
Thu 21 May, AT 13:16

Another animal rights activist seeking election as RSPCA trustee wants to set pets freed from 'leather nooses'

Owl cafe opens in London: a hoot or just plain cruel?

Talking Point
Fri 10 Apr, AT 15:18

Animal rights groups say the event will cause a considerable amount of stress to the reclusive birds

Killer dogs: tougher sentences 'won't prevent attacks'

First Reaction
Tue 6 Aug, AT 12:15

Owners of dogs that kill face life in prison under new proposals - but is it enough to stop attacks?

Deer cull: why half of Britain's 1.5 million animals must die

Thu 7 Mar, AT 14:59

Forget the image of Bambi, says researchers - without natural predators, deer pose a real threat

Are swans being 'captured and eaten' in Lincoln?

One-Minute Read
Tue 15 Jan, AT 10:51

Police fears for swans after five go missing in possibly 'linked' events either side of Christmas

Chris Packham

Chris Packham: milk boycott is not the way to save badgers

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Sep, AT 13:54

'Rural communities have enough problems as it is without us boycotting their produce,' says TV naturalist


Badger cull: Brian May calls milk boycott as saboteurs prepare

First Post
Thu 20 Sep, AT 15:14

Meanwhile, police chief warns badger culls will be risk to public safety because of presence of protesters

Scientologists 'held auditions for wife for Tom Cruise'

The Tabloids
Mon 3 Sep, AT 12:09

Tabloid tales: Cruise’s bizarre hunt for a bride, One Direction in space, trapped fox is embarrassed