Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett as Salieri in Amadeus

Amadeus – reviews of 'superb' Chichester theatre revival

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Tue 22 Jul, AT 07:30

Rupert Everett gives 'best stage performance to date' in Shaffer's scintillating tale of jealousy

Charles Laurence

'Guccifer' hacker stole Downton plot but didn't spill the beans

Wed 8 Jan, AT 10:27
Charles Laurence

Super-hacker broke into Julian Fellowes' email account of stealing Tina Brown's address book

Helen Mirren and 'Curious Incident' reign at Olivier Awards

First Reaction
Mon 29 Apr, AT 09:49

Play about boy with Asperger's dominates, but Mirren tribute to Queen gets night's biggest cheers

Helen Mirren, Rupert Everett nominated for Olivier awards

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Tue 26 Mar, AT 16:22

Mirren's turn as the Queen makes her favourite for best actress, as Curious Dog scores eight noms

Born to be Wilde: Rupert Everett excels in Judas Kiss

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Mon 28 Jan, AT 07:47

Touching, funny revival of David Hare's play finds its 'definitive star' in Rupert Everett

Michael Jackson

Rupert Everett: ‘freakish’ Jackson ‘better off dead’

Thu 23 Jul, AT 13:55

The British actor has broken a Hollywood taboo by criticising the late singer